Autumn Tips

Check the aspect and how much sun the area gets. We’ve evergreen shrubs for structure and screening, and deciduous shrubs for leaf and flower colour. If you’ve got the space, we’ve also beautiful trees.

We have a great choice of bulbs and something for every spot.
If you’re planting up pots, why not put in dwarf narcissi and tulips before your winter pansies. You’ll get a pleasant surprise next spring.
Striking tulips and alliums will make your borders look fabulous in spring.
Underplant trees and shrubs in the lawn with bulbs for naturalising; snowdrops, crocus, bluebells, chionodoxa, anemone blanda and narcissi. If you’ve a damp spot make the most of it with snake’s head fritillary.
It’s time to do indoor flowering bulbs so they’ll be ready for Christmas. We have 4 different hyacinths and paperwhite narcissi.

The winter bedding is in stock; pansies, violas and wallflowers.
There are dwarf conifers, skimmias, gaultheria and cyclamen to add variety. We have made up pots and hanging baskets ready to go.
If you are looking for new pots, perhaps for near your front door, we have hundreds in stock. We’re getting quite a reputation for having great outdoor and indoor pots, and plants to go in them. If you need it, as for advice and help moving them.

Now is the time for autumn lawn care treatments. Ideally scarify (rake very hard) the thatch out of your lawn and treat with an autumn feed and mosskill product. Estimate the area of your lawn before you come and buy so you know how much to get.


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