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Autumn Ideas

We hope you’ve had a fantastic summer, and that we can squeeze a bit more out of it as we approach the onset of autumn. We’ve had a wonderfully busy time at Rowan, helped along by glorious weather, not to mention lots of healthy plants and happy customers. We’re not ones for lists of ‘Things […]

August News

The holiday season is officially here but for many it seems to have started quite a while ago. Glorious weather and (almost) sufficient rain have been perfect for the garden. Pots and hanging baskets have needed a lot of watering but there are worse chores you could be doing on a balmy evening. Many gardens […]

Four Years at Rowan

On 2 July it will be 4 years since Alison took over at Rowan. To those who knew it then, you will have noticed a lot of change. We started by working on the shop and the cafe which is in the lean-to then used for storage. We moved on to the Plant Area by […]

Fill the Gaps in your Borders

Peter Beales Roses are starting to do their thing too. Identify some gaps in your garden, what height plant you think you would like, and if you want, we can help you choose. It’s really helpful if you bring some photos (on your phone if you can) of the areas in your garden you want […]

Summer Planting

We know we are biased, but we think the Plant Area is looking fantastic at the moment. Hopefully we’ve got something for everyone… SPRING FLOWERING TREES. Ornamental cherries, crab apples, fruit trees (Williams pears looking particularly good), amelanchier, to name but some. ACERS. Gorgeous. Great in the ground or pots. HOSTAS. Just fabulous. Even we […]

Spring Has Sprung!

Despite ALL the rain, it hasn’t been too cold so gardens are quite ahead. If you are tempted to mow the lawn, approach with caution. The ground is extremely wet. You might want to try some weeding instead! We’re gearing up for a great season with lots of fabulous plants and more interesting stuff in […]

Beat the winter blues …

…with yellows, pinks, reds, whites… and blues. Cheer up your pots and yourself with primroses, primulas, miniature daffodils, pansies and violas. Lots to choose from and multi buy offers on all. If your garden could benefit from some winter interest, come and choose it now. We’ve a stunning selection of shrubs, including the heavenly scented […]

Seasons Greetings!

Most of our wonderful Christmas trees have gone to good homes but there’s still just enough time to pop in for that last minute present, poinsettia or even the works… Tree, lights and decorations. CHRISTMAS TREE RE-CYCLING Rowan is participating in the Chiltern District Council Christmas Tree Re-cycling Scheme, so bring your tree to us […]

Late Autumn in the Garden

PLANTING It’s the perfect time for planting trees and shrubs. The ground is wet and still warm so roots will start to establish as soon as they get in the ground. There won’t be much action above ground, but that’s what we want. All energies will be concentrated in root activity. So if you are […]

Autumn Tips

BEDS AND BORDERS Check the aspect and how much sun the area gets. We’ve evergreen shrubs for structure and screening, and deciduous shrubs for leaf and flower colour. If you’ve got the space, we’ve also beautiful trees. SPRING FLOWERING BULBS We have a great choice of bulbs and something for every spot. If you’re planting […]