Cheer up your Winter Garden

Your garden is probably not looking at its best right now but a few quick fixes could make all the difference.

Identify a gap and brighten it up with a winter interest shrub. We’ve cornus, skimmias, callicarpa, Viburnum tinus, camellias and the heavily scented sarcococca to name few.

If you require something smaller, there are winter flowering heathers (fine in any soil), hellebores and heucheras.

If you want to squeeze in some winter interest, choose a spot seen regularly in the winter months. Sarcococca are great in a shady spot near the front door. The scent will cheer you up as you come and go. Perhaps you could put something in a spot you see from the kitchen window. Again it will cheer you up when you most need it! Don’t bother putting something at the bottom of the garden if you are not going to see it every day. Find a spot that’s visible from the most used rooms in the house, or near the front so it can work its magic whatever the weather.

More colour, perhaps under deciduous trees and shrubs, can be provided by spring flowering bulbs. We have snowdrops (flowering), aconites, bluebells, muscari, miniature daffodils and iris, plus vibrant primroses.


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