Late Autumn in the Garden

It’s the perfect time for planting trees and shrubs. The ground is wet and still warm so roots will start to establish as soon as they get in the ground. There won’t be much action above ground, but that’s what we want. All energies will be concentrated in root activity. So if you are thinking about planting hedging, trees or shrubs, pop down and see what we’ve got, and of course we can advise.

There is still time to plant spring flowering bulbs. We’ve tulips for borders and pots, fritillaries, bluebells and anemones for underplanting and of course daffodils for a familiar splash of spring.


It’s still mild enough to give your lawn an autumn feed but don’t leave it too long. Autumn lawn products feed and green the lawn, and some contain moss kill. Check the packaging to ensure you get what you need, and don’t forget to calculate the coverage area so you buy the right amount.

As it gets colder it will be more difficult for animals to find food. We stock a large selection of bird feed, feeders and paraphernalia to keep the squirrels off. There are at least 10 different type of bird houses which make great gifts. For hedgehog lovers, we’ve hedgehog houses and food.

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