Plants at Rowan

At Rowan, we are very proud of our plants—they are what we’re all about.

The vast majority of our plants are British grown, and mostly by specialist growers who really know their stuff.

We meet and talk with them regularly to stay ahead of what's particularly good, and what's new that might be coming through. We also grow many shrubs and perennials on site in our nursery. The quality of our plants, for the garden and the home is very important to us.

Just about every plant we sell for use in the garden is frost hardy, and if not, we will make that quite clear to you. As our site is exposed, are plants are pretty tough.

Hand Watering at Rowan

Plants at Rowan

Alison at Rowan

The quality of our plants, for the garden and the home, is very important
to us.

At Rowan, there is always a qualified horticulturalist on hand to help you choose your plants. Whether it's one shrub or a whole border's worth, we're here to help. Alison's background in Garden Design and Planting Design means she's well equipped to visit your garden and make some suggestions. Just ask for details.


Our tree supplier is always pleased with his order from Rowan. For an independent garden centre we sell a lot of fabulous trees. We have a wide selection of ornamental and structural trees, and of course can help you choose. There are lots of fruit trees too.


Quite a few years ago, Rowan was a conifer nursery, so there's a bit of heritage. This is quite a specialist area and we have an extensive range, particularly dwarf conifers and pines. David knows a huge amount; even our supplier is impressed by his knowledge. Come and see our conifer bed and how they could work for you.


For a long time Rowan has been known for its bedding, hanging baskets and pots. Many locals have been using us to do their hanging baskets for years and we'll happily take on more. If you'd rather create your own, select from a mass of bedding and we'll even share our secrets to success!


We can work to all budgets, whether you want instant cover or are happy to wait for smaller specimens to mature. A huge range of evergreen and deciduous shrubs are stocked, for backdrop, front of border or focal points. For screening we've lots of hedging, and climbers to pretty up a fence or wall.


A favourite of Alison's, we can help you choose your summer colour. Our stock ranges from tiny alpines through to huge grasses and lots of herbaceous perennials in between. Whether you're gardening in sun or shade, we can help you add some oomph to your borders.


We have fruit bushes as well as trees, an extensive range of seeds, and small vegetable plants in season, plus all the kit and caboodle to help you grow it.

Vivit our Kitchen Garden for inspiration and guidance.

Everything you need around the garden plus more in our shop.