lavender plants at Rowan Garden Centre - your independent garden centre in Buckinghamshire

Plants at Rowan

At Rowan we are very proud of our plants - they are what we’re all about.

We grow many shrubs and perennials on site in our huge polytunnel. Of the outdoor plants we don’t grow ourselves the vast majority are British grown. We have forged excellent relationships with our growing partners who know what we are looking for. We source from specialist growers which is more time consuming than going to a one stop shop but it ensures quality plants grown by people with a passion.
The site here at Rowan is quite exposed and it’s always a little chillier than down the road! This means our plants are very hardy and robust.
At Rowan we pride ourselves on our customer service. There will always be a qualified horticulturist on hand to help you choose plants or solve a gardening problem.


If you are looking for a plant for a particular spot in your garden, bring a photo and show us so we can help make suggestions.

trees at Rowan Garden Centre


We have stunning ornamental trees and evergreens for screening, plus fruit trees including apples, pears, cherries, damsons, gages, quince, medlar and mulberry.

Bedding Plants

We offer an extensive range of summer and winter bedding and make up hundreds of hanging baskets and outdoor pots. Pot and basket workshops run seasonally.

shrubs small and large available from Rowan Garden Centre - your independent plant specialist in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside


A huge range of evergreen and deciduous shrubs are stocked, both specimens and smaller, plus hedging and climbers.


Always an amazing selection of foliage and flowering houseplants, cacti and succulents, and pots to put them in.

perennials at Rowan Garden Centre


Alpines through to grasses and masses of perennials in between. Whether it’s a sunny or shady spot we can help add some oomph to your borders.

Grow your own

We have fruit bushes and trees, seeds, vegetable plants in season, plus all of the kit and caboodle to help you to grow your own.

Everything you need around the garden plus more in our shop